Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

"Gosh, I totally didn't expect this. I'm so nervous (as I pull already-prepared speech out of my nice rack of cleavage--hey, as long as I'm making this up, I may as well have the boobage to fill out my imaginary vintage Armani dress)...I wouldn't be up at this podium addressing you all if it weren't for some important people in my life who have always guided me along the way. There's just wayyy too many to list--you all know who you are....but of course I have to mention those who are beside me here In the Trenches....my loving, faithful, supportive Hubby and my BOYZ...who never let me forget that Motherhood is the hardest job I'll ever love. (Cue the standing ovation.)
After your thunderous round of applause, please go to this link and click on the picture of the boyz...(that includes YOU too, Hubby, because I know you like to lurk here...) and (get ready for the shameless self promotion here......) VOTE FOR ME!
Much appreciated.


Domestic Slackstress said...

You are frickin' hilarious! I will definitely be back. Naturally funny. I love your "rotten, ungrateful children" image and basically everything else.

Jennifer said...

Cool. I voted for you :)!


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