Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fra Ra Ra Ra Ra...Ra Ra Ra Ra (from the movie A Christmas Story)

Winter does not equal Christmas, folks. What's the date today? Why, it's almost March! March, which equals SPRING and daylight savings time....So what's with all the frickin Christmas ornaments still forlornly displayed on houses and lawns here in New England?? This irks me to no end. And in turn, it now irks Hubby that I am irked by this phenomenon. He remarked (as we were driving in the car and I proceeded to point out each and every house that still had Christmas paraphernalia adorning it) that he's not quite sure which is worse....seeing Christmas decorations in February....or hearing me bitch about them.

I get that it's still winter. We still have (and are sure to get more) snow. Now don't get me wrong, snowmen and other "winter-themed" decorations (like snowflakes, sleds, etc.) are perfectly acceptable as wintery displays. As a matter of fact, I have a snowman rug at my front door. However, Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights, garland, "Merry Christmas" signage of any sort and those damn tacky reindeer lawn ornaments NEED TO BE PUT AWAY. Unless I'm a little behind and these particular homeowners are just 9 months early for Christmas 2007?

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hot potato said...

i am an offender! i still have up my wreath and a set of christmas trees outside. but in my defense, i have asked my husband to take the trees inside the garage for about a month and a half now--they are attached to a large piece of plywood--or they would keep blowing down in the wind--so they are extremely heavy.

but i do think it's silly when you drive around in the middle of the summer and see houses with christmas lights still up. one word: lazy!


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