Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dare I Say.....Success??

Operation Potty Train is going on its 2nd full week! Middle has figured it out. He really was ready. I just wasn't so organized (or willing) to deal with the hassle of being consistent. We've had a full week+ of (almost) no accidents. The pooping (or lack thereof) was an issue at first, but once I started lacing his sippy cups with scoops of BeneFiber, it became a non-issue pretty quickly (and messily...I'll spare you the details). Granted, my hands are chafed and cracking from all the bleach I've had to use in the bathroom(s). How do pee droplets end up on the floor on the other side of the bathroom? I'm scared to know. He's still wearing a Pull-up for naps and a diaper at bedtime though. And he still fights me in the mornings when I whip the diaper off him (now it has become quite a routine--Mommy pulls off pj bottoms and diaper while Middle kicks and cries and screams; Middle then kicks pj bottoms completely off and says "I not wear anything"; Mommy walks away and says, "That's fine...but NO diaper"; Middle then cries and whines for Mommy to put pj bottoms BACK ON and states "No undies. I freeball".)

Anyway, I didn't realize how much EASIER it would be with only one child in diapers now. I've been robotically changing two sets of diapers for 19 months now...but who's counting? It's just so nice. Sometimes it is the little things, you know?

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Sisters with Style said...

I just found your blog and I find it really entertaining! Quick question: does the fiber in the drink really work? I'm potty training my little guy and he WILL NOT poop in the potty....let me know. Thanks.


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