Monday, February 19, 2007

Bald Britney

Want my theory why Britney shaved her head?
Someone probably informed her that "the drapes should match the carpet." So she took their advice.

Speaking of hair (or lack thereof, I guess)....Hubby still hasn't gotten past the fact that I spent (notice the past tense. It won't be happening again--anytime in the near future, at least) $200 on my hair. He told someone yesterday that I had gotten a $200 haircut, and she was appalled. $200 on a hairCUT? So then I of course had to explain that it wasn't so much the CUT that was so expensive (the cut, in fact was only $38), but all the color processes that were administered. Explained that way, $200 (including tip, remember) seems a little less crazy, right? Right??
Hey, I'm worth it.

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ed's girl said...

Finally I can comment =0),Love your page--Beth actually helped mine along. So,i just wanted to thank you for the $200 Hollywood Haircut blog as I made Ed read it and now I don't look so bad anymore, so you took one for the team =0).Britney Spears is freakin'nuts, that's all i have to say about her little stunt--but i did Laugh at the drapes matching the carpet comment, you witty girl!


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