Tuesday, February 06, 2007

All in a Morning's Work

I just have to vent about our morning routine, as my Hubby and I got in a little tiff this morning.
My day started off at 6:15 with the alarm. Ok, I hit snooze, so it actually started at 6:24. (Why are snooze buttons 9 minutes? Why not 8? Or better yet, 10? Or is it just my 15 year old alarm clock that's like this?) I finished getting ready at 7am, and lifted Baby out of his crib to join his brothers downstairs who were already watching a video (courtesy of Hubby). So from 7-7:30am, this is what I did:

1. Yanked Pull-up off Middle (which Hubby hadn't done).
2. Made bowl of oatmeal for Baby (which he then refused to even try).
3. Packed Eldest's snack for school (goldfish and a CapriSun).
4. Took out the garbage.
5. Put dishes away.
6. Took my multivitamin.
7. Packed my own bag for work (water bottle, HealthyChoice frozen meal and a granola bar).
8. Poured 2 bowls of cereal.
9. Threw together Chicken Parisenne* for the crockpot (fancy, right? Yes, I'm so gourmet. Just keep reading).
10. Wiped a nose.
11. Wiped a messy face.
12. Wiped a butt.

I don't know if it was just the hecticness of today (not that any day I work is really LESS hectic), but I truly felt like I had put an entire day's worth of energy into just this particular morning. Yes, I was cranky (ok, bitchy). Especially when I then ventured to ask Hubby what he had done while I was in the shower. "Well, the boyz weren't up yet, so I had my coffee and watched TV until they came down, and then I put in a video for them." He could sense my pissiness, and then dared to ask me, "Why are YOU crabby? What did I do?" My response to him was, "Nothing. You did NOTHING. And that's exactly why I'm mad."

*And to top it all off, the dinner I meticulously prepped this morning (more like Chicken ASS Parisenne) was horrendous. In one word--INEDIBLE. So tonight, the boyz got...let's see...toast, slices of American cheese, and some corn for supper.

I'm so glad today is over with.


Marissa said...

I hear you... this is something I personally dreading when we have children. I am always amazed with Working Moms and ask myself "how do they get ready in the morning"? And I can't imagine things being much different in our household - if it makes you feel better!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I would have smacked my husband for that. Okay, not really. But I would have thought about doing it and I would have giggled.

Wait a minute... What is this "would" I'm talking about? I can't even count how many times my husband and I have had that same conversation. I feel your pain, only with two fewer kids and no working. :)

ed's girl said...

you have made me laugh yet again! and used the word "ASS" yet again. Laughing at how true to life your morning is--i am always too tired to go anywhere by the time i get everyone ready; it's time to take my nap! YOu never think "oh, i'll just run out real quick" anymore, not with kids--it's a whole ordeal. We will survive, won't we? I'm impressed you can even remember all you did--i never can--i just know i am wasted!


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