Monday, January 01, 2007

Wedding Wrapup

The wedding weekend is over! And a good time (maybe too good, if this headache of mine is any indication...) was had by all!

Sis's wedding was a beautiful event. It couldn't have gone more perfectly for her. The ceremony that was performed by the Justice of the Peace was called "Anam Cara" (which means soulmate), with traditional Celtic vows. My Niece (who's 8) recited the Irish Blessing ("May the road rise up to greet you...") from memory. The JP also had her go up and join the Bride and Groom and take their hands so they formed a "family circle". Sis and the Groom surprised her with a beautiful "Daughter" necklace. She wasn't aware that this was going to happen so she was unprepared and started crying. In turn making everyone in the place cry as they watched her become so emotional. It was so touching.

My wedding toast went off without a hitch, thankfully. Although I had to make last minute changes because as we were getting our hair done and Sis was chatting with her hairdresser, I realized that some of the details in my toast were completely WRONG. So then I practiced my revised speech on my Hubby beforehand and he pulled an Owen Wilson on me and told me to "Speak from my heart" instead of sounding so rehearsed. Ugh...the pressure! But I wasn't nervous (wine is always good for that), and I did manage to improvise a little bit and even got a few laughs (okay, the laughs were mostly from my family and I'm not sure if they were laughing WITH me or AT me, but whatever.)

And then the fun part began, the actual reception. Oh, the reception. The year 2007 was rung in with a bang by this crowd, that's for sure. Open bar the entire night long and bottles of Dom at every table for the midnight toast....need I say more?

10 Things I Learned At Sis's Wedding:

1. Her new Hubby can DANCE! He's got those loose hips and light feet and is absolutely hilarious (but in a good way) on the dance floor. He still reminds me of Steve Carell, the 40 year old virgin though, and he hates it when I remind him of that.

2. My 8 year old niece knows all the dance steps to the song "Cotton Eye Joe" and can perform them with absolute perfection.

3. My Dad was drunk enough to not realize he was drinking BOURBON instead of gin.

4. My Youngest Brother is the second Will Farrell, he's that funny. His midnight toast had the entire place rolling with laughter.

5. I have absolutely no rhythm and am aware of this fact even when I'm definitely far from sober. That's bad, because don't you usually THINK you have rhythm (even if you really don't) when you're drunk?

6. Hubby is definitely a child of the 80's. He refused to dance until the song "Your Love" by the Outfield came on, and then he was a dancin' fool.

7. The cups that I had sewn into my dress, along with making me look like I had some boobs, also made me look fatter. Not sure I'm gonna like those wedding pictures of myself.

8. To never leave a camera on a table surrounded by drunk peoples' drinks. Said camera did NOT work when I tried to turn it on today. Then this afternoon, Hubby casually mentioned that he "spilled his full drink" but thought that he "moved the camera out of the way in time." Hmmmmm. Hopefully, I'll be able to use the memory stick to develop the 4000 wedding pictures I so tirelessly took before I send it out to be repaired. If not, Hubby owes me BIG TIME.

9. I'm so happy that Sis's new Husband has embraced my Niece with open arms. They introduced her at the reception using her new last name for the first time. It was very cute. She will start school with a new last name, and the Groom will be able to formally adopt her in one year.

10. I honestly have never seen my Sis so happy, relaxed, and content with her life. She found him, the Man of Her Dreams.

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