Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shake It Off

We are in the wee stages (pun intended) of trying to potty-train Middle. Yesterday he wore "unders" all day when my Sis was babysitting, and he pooped in them. So I came home to find a load of soaking wet clothes in the washer, and in the midst of the clothes.....2 little turds....still intact. Too much info? Sorry.

He has a routine that doesn't vary, each and every time he pees:

1. Drag stepstool to potty rim.
2. Clamber up on stepstool.
3. Pull down pants and unders all at once.
4. Lift both toilet lids.
5. Bend forward slightly and grasp toilet rim (if you are a member of the Germ Police, I realize you're shuddering right now), so little wee-wee is just BARELY over the rim of toilet.
6. When he's done, I always say, "Now shake it off" so he gets those last few drips.
7. Each and every time, he profusely shakes his head instead, and the pee droplets drip down his leg.

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ed's girl said...

I am cracking up b/c i spent my morning PT (potty training) and had B running around half naked all morning--he did great so i made the big mistake of putting him in padded underwear (which he soaked in a matter of two minutes--ugh.)i hadn't lost it yet, so we left off the pants and i knew the poop was coming b/c of the major diet he had since last nite...i left his site for TWO seconds to refill his aquadoodle pen and he pooped all over my rug,then stepped all in it!!!! Of course, you should always praise them, but i can't handle this part of raising kids--i just can't, so i threw him in the tub and scrubbed my carpet, then bathed him and put his diaper back on--called my other PTA (PTAnonymous) friend and confessed. I am OVER IT--s/o is gonna have to do this for me this time, I have zero tolerance!!!!!!


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