Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Seinfeld Moment

I just had a Seinfeld moment as I was entering Gold's Gym. I myself am guilty of this as well--why do people try to find the best (meaning closest) parking spot when they're going TO THE GYM??? I mean, really, we're going there to EXERCISE, right?? A few more calories burned by WALKING a little FARTHER to the entrance should be a bonus, correct? Seriously, at my gym, there are cars double-parked in non-marked spaces along the side of the parking lot, closer to the front door. And I told you I'm just as bad: I give myself a high-five (in my head) on days when I manage to score a spot in the front row!

At the outdoor track in our town, there is a parking lot merely across the street from the track. But people still park their cars (and tie up traffic....grrrr.....) on the right hand side OF THE ROAD because they don't want to WASTE THE EXTRA ENERGY to cross the street??? To go exercise???

It's kinda sick and twisted, isn't it? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.....

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