Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open Letter to a Client

"Listen here, you psycho bitch. I don't appreciate being talked to in such a condescending manner, nor do I appreciate your total ignorance about a subject matter which I have over 10 years of experience dealing with. I'm a paralegal, not an attorney. Therefore, I don't give legal advice, I merely do what I'm told to do by the attorneys. And what I did for you, I was INSTRUCTED to do. So you have absolutely no right (or any class, for that matter) to tee off on me over something that I have no say over. You're venting to the wrong person, you crazy lady. All of this is of course aside from the fact that I have a PRINTED E-MAIL FROM YOU giving me the go-ahead to do exactly what I did."

Ok, I feel much better now. All of that is what I WISH I had the balls to say to this person who completely ruined my afternoon at work, instead of letting this bee-yotch run her mouth at me. (I can rationalize and say I was "taking the high road", right??) Ugh. And the attorney whose client she is was "too busy to deal with her" at the moment. Taking verbal abuse is not part of my job, man, nor should it EVER be. I'm going to stew about this one for awhile....

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Shell in the City said...

Hang in there fellow paralegal!! Doesn't venting make it better? Today I dealt with a client who was crying and screaming the whole time on the phone. She refuses to give me the necessary discovery information and will not come to the trial. Of course, she was taking everything out on me. She is a whack and won't take responsibility for her actions which led to the injury of 80 year olds. I know she is our client (technically, her insurance co. is), but I've had enough!!


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