Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ole Naby

That's how Middle pronounces Old Navy. He recognizes the store sign when he sees it. Not that he gets invited to go there much (ever) with me, mind you. All my boyz are like their father--terrible shoppers. I went there today during my lunch hour (and a half) for some retail therapy because I am suffering miserably from a horrendous head cold. Clogged nose, clogged ears and I can't taste anything (Great for the diet though. Why eat when there's no taste?) I just haven't had time to stop at CVS and sign my life away for some pseudoephedrine that they now keep HIDDEN behind the counter. Is this quirky new law just in Massachusetts or is it everywhere? Great....anyone can walk into a gun shop and purchase a firearm, but we have to practically sign our name in blood for some simple effective (meaning containing pseudoephedrine!) cold medicine?

How quickly I digress though. Old Navy is having a FANTASTIC sale! Something crazy like 75% off. I'm sailing on a shopper's high right now (screw the pseudoephedrine). I managed to snag (for myself) THREE pairs of pants (all shades of brown...am I in a rut?) and TWO shirts, AND a pair of cords for Eldest all for a total price of $32.95. So if you have the patience to slog through the plethora of annoying XS sizes (annoying, that is, to us average-size gals)to find some great bargains, I urge you to RUN, don't walk, to your nearest "Ole Naby".

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kristi said...

Yep, it's the same here in TX. (with the cold medicine) I guess people use it to make some type of drug. ? So you have to go to the pharmacy here and request it.


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