Friday, January 05, 2007

Nerd Alert

I fully admit that I am a book nerd. And I can't help but notice my Eldest son following right in my footsteps! He is kind of a nerd in his own right anyway, what with his Rainman-esque characteristics. Today Eldest got his First Library Card. Oh, what joy in my heart!

My mother's helper (our 7th grade next door neighbor whom I can't live without!) comes over every Friday at 2:45 so I can pick Eldest up at school without waking Middle and Baby from their naps. So Eldest and I headed to the library after I picked him up. He didn't quite know what to expect, as I usually refrain from taking all 3 boyz out in public in general, much less to a quiet library. His experience with books is limited to Barnes & Noble, because they have a great children's area and a Thomas the Train table to boot. So I've been known to go there to kill time on rainy mornings, but we usually don't make it out of there without one or two new books (yes, you can call them bribes). So the library was a whole new experience for Eldest. He picked out some books (a few Berenstain bears, a few with baseball themes, a Tomy DePaola) and immediately stated, "I have to write my name in these when we get home." So I had to carefully explain to him the concept of BORROWING books, and how these books had to be returned to the library.

The librarian asked him to write his name on the back of his new card, and once we got home, he placed it safely in his wallet. Can I tell you how proud he is of that library card? It just warms my nerdy heart!

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