Monday, January 15, 2007

Murphy's Law on Having 3 Boyz

Permanent pee drops around the rim, bottom and sides of the toilet.

Some sort of spillage at least once a day (I think I've mentioned something before about this phenomenon that occurs in our household).

Lots and LOTS of farting.

No matter how many boyz are in the tub at once, all of them have (at least) one of their hands on their pee-pee, as if the Weiner Monster might come at any moment and snatch it away.

Sticky fingers with grime in between each finger.

Lots of boogers and snots (on faces, fingers, smeared on cheeks, etc.)

3 boyz who all have blankies=lots of germ magnets. Laundry time for blankies causes major meltdowns and hysteria.

A wall unit, multiple toy bins, and an entire playroom dedicated to the boyz is STILL not enough room for all their crap (umm, I mean developmentally appropriate playthings, of course).

3 carseats=oversize, gas guzzling SUV required to go anywhere.

And why is it that there can be 537 Matchbox cars in the playroom, and all 3 boyz will fight over the SAME damn little car???

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