Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dr. Hairstylist

I was getting my hair done for the wedding on Sunday (and by "done", I mean blow dryed and curled--I'm so not fun enough for an "up do") by a woman in her mid 40's with a thick Italian accent. She made a comment about my wispy hairline that has all sorts of random hair growing around my forehead (hey wait, it's not like the MIDDLE of my forehead--not that freakish!). I told her that I just assumed it was from pregnancy, as that is when my hairline started to really change. She said no, it was due to "lack of iron in ze diet". Yep, that makes sense. Every time I do manage to get to the dr. they tell me I'm anemic. So then I ventured on to ask what it means when your hair starts to really fall out, as mine tends to do. I shed. Bad. Like bad enough to clog the drains AND the vacuum cleaner. We have NO pets and 4 males in the house, so the hairballs have gotta be from me. Thank God I have thick hair, and plenty of it.

So anyway, I'm glad the nice hairdresser could diagnose my medical problem. Saves me a trip to the doc. I'll be buying those iron supplements now. And hey, I may not poop for days on end, but my hair will look great!

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