Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Donald Trump and Britney Spears

I swear I get my best ideas for blogs when I'm standing in front of the mirror blowdrying my hair in the morning. Not sure of the significance of this fact, but just thought I'd share....

Anyway, Donald Trump and Britney Spears have something in common. Here's my theory: They both are filthy rich. They both surround themselves with people (whom they pay ungodly salaries, I'm sure) to "advise" them. Here's the kicker: NO ONE DARES TO TELL THEM WHEN THEY'RE WRONG! Why wouldn't someone in Donald's "circle" say to him, "Umm.. Donald? If you take out that ad in the NY Post to slander both Rosie and Barbara, it's going to make you look like an ASS." "Ummm....Donald? Your hair? It's really bad, man."

And Britney: Someone needs to step up and FORCE the girl to sit in a chair and MAKE her look at the stuff on the internet. "See that, Britney? Yep, that's your CROTCH. People are LOOKING AT your crotch."

I think I would make a GREAT personal assistant.

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