Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And Down Will Come Baby....

As a part-time working mother of 3 (boyz), I am usually not a direct witness to the various thuds, bumps and falls that occur here in the Trenches. What usually happens when I'm home is that a loud thud will resonate from another room in the house, followed by some variation of screaming, crying and/or yelling and I will dash off to investigate (and bestow the proper punishment upon the perpetrator).

Yesterday, I was a witness. Baby fell down the stairs. All 13. And I saw the whole thing.

I had just put Middle down for a nap. Baby had followed us up the stairs, stopping almost at the top, on his hands and knees. As I was standing at the top of the stairs, he was craning his neck to look up at me and then suddenly turned his body around to peer at his Blankie (at the bottom). This was when it happened. He lost his balance, and proceeded to roll, bounce and slide down the entire flight, whimpering the whole way. I was above him, so I tried to scurry down to grab him (or any body part of him), but at the same time, was afraid that I would step on him in my haste. So I basically just watched it happen. He ended up flat on his back at the bottom, spread eagle.

Thankfully, the stairs are carpeted and he wasn't hurt (Physically, anyway. Mentally? He'll let us know after therapy, I'm sure.) But man, he cried. It was a scared, heart-wrenching cry. And I admit, I cried with him.

In other (light-hearted, I promise) news from the Trenches:

I was in a "virtual waiting room" on the computer for 6 (that's right....SIX) hours on Saturday, trying to get Red Sox tickets. No dice. How crazy is that? Or it crazy that I actually tried for 6 hours? I prefer to think of it as being a devoted wife/mother trying to get Sox tix for my boyz......thank you very much (as I take a deep bow and accept my trophy).

On Sunday, in church, there were teenagers conducting the worship service, so the music was much more rockin'. It was a 4 member band of teenage boys, singing amped up versions of the hymns. It was a riot to see the older members getting into this style of music. (I love to people-watch in general. I admit that I have a hard time shutting off this habit (especially) in church.) At the beginning of a new song, the band did a little instrumentals, and I swear, it sounded like they were going to bust out and start singing:
"She was a fast machine
She kept her motor clean
She was the best d*mn woman
That I've ever seen"

I actually laughed (out loud a little bit). Am I sick and twisted (and going to hell) or what??

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ed's girl said...

When we all went to Roy's beach hs in Charleston for Thanksgiving, there were flights and flights of stairs everywhere, and me coming from flat Florida knew that little Ben was obsessed with the stairs and was gonna fall--he did the same exact thing--all the way down and i saw it happen like in slo-mo-i was so scared that he broke his neck--but after screaming 5min. he was back at it. I really don't know how you all live w/ stairs--they freak me out w/ little kids.


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