Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Wrapup

It's Monday. The weekend is over, and Christmas Day is one week away. Holy crap. We made it through the weekend, sickness(es) and all. By Saturday afternoon, the boyz were well (enough) for us to attend an annual holiday party in Beverly. Complete with a visit from Santa, and lots of wine and socializing for Mommy. We didn't get home until 11pm, so Sunday was a completely lazy day. And today, Hubby took a day off from work to do his (and more of my) Christmas shopping. Yeah, he's only called me about 20 times already.

We had a major breakthrough with Eldest this weekend. He finally decided (dared) to sleep in his top bunk! Before, he was always reluctant (scared) to even sit up there. Out of the blue, he moved his pillow and blankets up to the top and stated, "This is where I'm going to sleep now." So out of sheer boredom this morning, I decided to rearrange the boyz' bedrooms. A bold move on my part, because I took down (dismantled) one of the cribs, and moved all Middle's bedding to the bottom bunk, so he and Eldest will now share a room, and Baby will be in the crib in the other bedroom. So far, so good though. They are both napping right now in their respective "new" bedrooms. I'm sure it will end up being too good to be true.

Eldest certainly does have a bit of my side of the family's sarcastic wit. We were in the car and I asked him how he felt, because he was coughing and sniffing a lot and he replied, serious as could be, "I'm fine. Snot tastes GREAT with gum."

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