Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weekend Wrapup

I started writing a post yesterday, then got wrapped up in trying to fix the font, and lost the entire thing. Grr...so I quit in frustration. This is what I meant to post yesterday:

Hubby got major brownie points (no pun intended, you'll see what I mean) on Friday because he escorted my 9-year old Niece to her father/daughter dance for her Brownie troop. Sis's fiance had to be out of town and couldn't go. (Sis's comment: "She finally GETS a father, and he can't even fricking go!") So Hubby stepped in to the rescue. He took her to dinner beforehand, figuring she'd choose either McD's or Friendly's. Nope, my girl wanted STEAK. When they got home Friday night, both of them were all sweaty. Seems they BOOGIED the entire night. Hubby said when they got there, no one was really dancing. So my Niece took matters into her own hands and got right out there, and made Hubby do the same. So they broke the ice. He said the DJ played the Macarena and Cotton Eyed Joe about 5 times each and he'll die happy if he never has to hear those songs again...

Saturday was spent decorating (and re-decorating because I had "help" from the boyz) the inside of the house for Christmas. In the meantime, Clark Griswald was outside trying to put up the lights, with a few Wal-Mart runs in between to purchase the necessary extension cords, spotlights, light bulbs, etc. Needless to say, it took him a good 5 hours to decorate 3 bushes (not trees, mind you) in the front of our house.

Saturday night was Date Night, as I mentioned before. Hubby and I were belly up at the bar, and he looked over at me heartily enjoying my strawberry margarita and commented, "You better slow down, you're driving, you know." I stopped mid-sip, glared at him and replied, "Ummm... NO I'm not." So a spirited debated ensued as to who SHOULD drive. His logic was that it was HIS friend's birthday, therefore I should drive. My rationale was that HE was going to the Patriots game the ENTIRE next day, therefore I should be able to enjoy myself that night. I won. And had a really fun time.

Sunday was a long day. Hubby was gone from 8am to 6:45pm. I would LOVE to be able to just be GONE for that length of time on a weekend day. But we managed to survive another weekend In The Trenches.

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