Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stupid Dummy

Those are Middle's two new favorite words. Just another indication that there's wayyyy too much TV watching (that's right, I'm blaming SpongeBob!) going on in my household. I also heard him say last night, "Look at this stinkin' mess! Who's going to clean up this stinkin' mess?" (I admit, I do say the word, "stinkin'" quite a a passive/aggressive form of the F-word, no doubt.)

I haven't taken any pictures of our Christmas tree yet because it's a dud. The shape of it is fine; it's just that the branches are way too soft and bendy. So all the ornaments are sliding off of it, onto the floor where Baby grabs them and carries them around and they end up either getting 1. stepped on and broken; or 2. lost. The ornaments that have managed to cling on (for dear life)are strategically placed high enough so Baby can't get his paws on them. Thus making for a very sad, half-naked, droopy-looking tree. I can't wait to take the fricking thing down and get it out of my house. Although I do have to say, when its white lights are turned on at night and there are no other lights on in the room, it does look quite magical. It's just a horror show during the day.

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