Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Don't let the innocent faces fool you for a second. These boyz are trouble!
The fun never ends here In the Trenches...Hubby and I arrived home from work today, only to discover that both Middle and Baby had raging cases of pinkeye. Luckily we got an appointment for 6:15, but our pediatrician didn't see us almost 7pm tonight (his office was hoppin'--something is obviously going around) and this is what we discovered: Middle and Baby both have 1. pinkeye (and as an added bonus) 2. sinus infections...but wait, there's even more! Baby also has a double ear infection...again. The dr. checked out Eldest too, just for good measure, but he was all clear (for now). I'm fully expecting Hubby and/or I to catch something, along with Eldest. Wait.....I think my eyes are starting to itch right now.....I can guarantee there won't be any "slee-eep in hea-ven-ly peace" tonight.

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