Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sleep in Heavenly Peace...

Ahhh, don't I wish? I've forgotten what it's like to sleep through an entire night uninterrupted. Between being pregnant for 2 years in a row (ok, ok, it wasn't 2 straight years, but I did only have 3 months in between. That's barely any time off.), nursing newborns (ok, ok, Middle only nursed for 3 weeks, Baby lasted 6 weeks). Fine...bottle feeding newborns in the middle of the night, teething issues, colds, vomiting, waking up to pee (from pregnancy and from drinking obscene amounts of water during the day to help with dieting--can you overdose on water?), Eldest waking me up to tell me he has to pee, and a snoring Hubby (and he dares to complain about moi?), I seriously haven't had a stretch of sleep of more than probably 3 or 4 hours for YEARS now. It's amazing (and yet oh so annoying) what the body becomes accustomed to.

I seriously fantasize about sleeping. My greatest desire is for a whole day of NOTHING. Not having to get out of bed. Sleeping the day away in my pajamas. Back in the day (pre-mommyhood), if I was having a bad day (and back then a bad hair day, or a feeling fat day constituted a "bad day"), I would simply put on my comfy pj's and crawl into bed. I was famous for doing this in college. My roommates knew something was up if I was decked out in my pjs in mid-afternoon and huddled under my covers.

You know how each of us have a "happy place" in our minds? (Please tell me it's not just me...) I go to mine (often) when the boyz are screaming, the house is trashed, and I feel like I've pretty much lost control of my surroundings. Well, my happy place used to consist of 1. a tropical beach 2. a fun (alcohol laced) drink 3. me drinking said drink in a bikini with my killer bod and 4. the sound of silence. These days, my happy place locale has changed. It's now 1. a bed 2. with lots of comfy pillows and a big down comforter and 3. me sleeping in said bed with my current mommy bod and 4. the sound of me snoring.

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