Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Round Yon Virgin...Mother and Child

OK, so we've got one out of two here...It IS a picture of Mother and Child, you know.
Anyways, this picture is from the birth of Baby on June 29, 2005.
I wanted to post a picture of me with the 3 boyz, but do you think I have one? Nope, because I'm the one always taking the frigging pictures.
It's fairly hectic these days In the Trenches. Why is Christmas so stressful? I'm feeling pretty rushed to get everything finalized--getting the tree (which we've done--and as usual we have a tree that's LEANING precariously, much to Hubby's chagrin); cards (addressed and ready to be sent); shopping (feeling like I have a LOT left to do); baking (not a morsel yet); seeing Santa (Saturday); wrapping (nope--not even started). I just need to take a deep breath and LET IT GO. Everything will fall into place, as it always does.
All 3 boyz still have headcolds. Runny/stuffy noses and coughs. Middle sounds like he's barking like a seal. Poor buddy. But I'm not rushing to the doctor...this week anyway.
Tomorrow morning is our conference with Eldest's preschool teacher. I'm anxious to hear how he's doing. (Ok, I confess. I really just want to hear how academically superior he is....just kidding. Sort of.)

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