Wednesday, December 06, 2006

(It Certainly Wasn't A) Silent Night

12:25 a.m. All 3 boyz were awake. The madness began when Eldest woke up to use the bathroom. He always comes right to my bedside and STARES at me until I awaken. Ever have someone just look at you while you're asleep and then you wake up and they're RIGHT THERE? It's eerie. And he always just whispers in my face, "Mom, I have to pee." To which I whisper back (a little more loudly), "Then go!" (why does he feel it necessary to wake me up to inform me of this??)

Then Middle started crying (for no reason) and yelling, "Mommy, mommy, mommy..." (repeat 100 times) and because Eldest's door was wide open from him getting up, Middle's yelling then woke up Baby, who started wailing. So Eldest went back to bed, I went to calm down Middle, and by the time I returned to the bedroom, Baby was in our bed with Hubby. So downstairs I went with Baby until 1am. He stayed wide awake while I rocked him. Tried to put him back into his crib, but to no avail. So then it was Hubby's turn. I have no idea how long he was down there or when he returned to bed. I was dead out.

What I did fail to mention was that both Baby and Eldest are still pretty sick. Wicked full, throaty coughs and gross stuffy noses. So I knew going to bed last night (at 8:30, mind you!) that I would most likely be interrupted in my sleep. And the boyz didn't let me down.

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