Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holy Infant So Tender and Mild

This is a picture of Eldest counting to make sure Baby had all 10 toes when he was born. Eldest is sooo my typical firstborn child, it's not even funny. We had his parent-teacher conference today, and his teacher didn't tell us anything about him that we didn't already know: "He's cautious"; "He's a thinker"; "He's obedient" (I'm glad he is with everyone else); "He's respectful of others" (now if only he would be that way at home with his little brothers...) So it was a good way to start off the morning. Can you sense the motherly pride oozing out of me??? We purposely didn't warn Teacher that there are 2 more boyz coming through who may not QUITE have the same demeanor as Eldest. She'll find that out soon enough!

In other news from the Trenches, I was up last night at 4am with Middle, who was hacking coughing. He surprisingly was sleeping through the coughing fits, but he was keeping me awake (and worried) so I figured I'd try (silly me) to run the shower and have him sit with me in the bathroom, thinking the steam would help his croupy cough. So there we were, at 4am, the 2 of us, FIGHTING in the bathroom, with Middle yelling, "Get your hands off me!" (seriously, that's literally what my 2-1/2 year was saying!) as I was trying to make him sit still on my lap in the hot, steamy bathroom, sweating all the while, with my Coke-bottle glasses sliding off my nose, all steamed up. Middle won that round. After about 2 seconds, I gave up, and we sat downstairs in the living room from 4:02 to 4:30am and watched Rugrats on the NickToons channel.

I just discovered today that Stop and Shop grocery stores now have CUP-HOLDERS on their shopping carts! And I got really excited. Yes, this is what my life has come to.

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