Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Has Passed...

Christmas was only yesterday, and I feel like today I'm the only person on the planet AT WORK. Big mistake on my part to not take today off. At 8am this morning, the roads were empty, houses were all cozy, and there I was, sucking down Diet Pepsi and racing to get....to Target! I had to hit the early morning 50% off Christmas stuff sale before I dragged my tired butt to work. It was the only cure to perk me up.

Anyway, yesterday was a joy. Not to be sappy, but the best gift of all for me was to watch the boyz opening their gifts...that, and the beautiful and unique necklace bestowed upon me by Hubby with all the boyz birthstones.

My house has been overrun by BOY STUFF. We are inundated with all makes and models of cars, trucks and Thomas the Train trinkets. Safe to say that the only thing pink in our household is the bubble gum toothpaste.

My pet peeve of Middle's is that he's constantly asking where something is, when it's pretty much right on top of him and he doesn't manage to see it. Example, his blankie will be within arm's reach, and he'll yell to me and say, "Where my blankie? Can't find it" when it's RIGHT THERE. He does this all the time with all sorts of objects. "Middle, pick up that toy!" "Where it is???" he asks. "It's RIGHT THERE in front of you! How do you not see it???" And Hubby always insists that Middle gets this trait from me, that I'm the same way, and I refuse to acknowledge it.

Well, yesterday, Eldest and I were about to play (our 100th game of) air hockey (Eldest's most favorite gift from Santa this year) and I was searching for the puck that Eldest told me was "RIGHT THERE" and pointing to a spot on the floor. In my defense, I was wearing my comfy slippers that were blocking my view of the puck that I was practically standing on. So we were yelling back and forth: Eldest: "Mom, it's RIGHT THERE!" Me: "Where?? I have no idea what you're talking about. No it's not." Eldest: "Yes it is. I SEE it." Me: "Where?" and then I moved my foot slightly, and sure enough, it was RIGHT THERE. Ugh. And then Eldest muttered loud enough and deadpan enough for me to hear: "Dork." And sure enough, Hubby then came strolling into the room, with a smug grin on his face, for he had heard the entire exchange, including Eldest's proclamation that I am, indeed, a dork.

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