Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another Fat Tuesday

Grumble grumble...I didn't lose any weight this past week. I HATE the scale. But I do feel a bit better. I'm actually being somewhat conscious of what I'm ingesting and also have been doing situps with regularity. And drinking enough water to kill a camel.

Our family made its weekly doctor's visit today. This time for Baby. He's got a really rotten headcold and seems very wheezy. I was a bit nervous that it was bronchitis/pneumonia. Thankfully, it's not. Just a bad cold. Hubby actually stayed home from work this morning and took Baby to the doctor (which I was thankful for--I don't want the doctor's office to start thinking I'm some kind of head case, bringing my boyz to the doctor so much!), but then he had to go to work, so my Sis came to the rescue. My work is crazy with end of the year business, so I had to work. On top of that, Eldest stayed home from school today because he threw up last night in his bed. The fun never seems to end! I missed all the action-I was at Sis's doing wedding preparations--centerpieces and gift bags. When I got home at 10, Eldest was in bed with Hubby. He seemed pretty fine though, and the rest of the night passed without incident.

I hope all this isn't a prediction of what's to come this winter. If so, it's gonna be a long one!

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