Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Memories 2006

Well, the holiday weekend has passed, and now it's time to reflect on all the hilariousness that ensued here in the Trenches:

1. I got home from work on Wednesday night and decided to drink, rather than eat, my dinner. So by the time my family arrived, I was feeling pretty good. Apparently, by the end of the evening, I wanted to playfully FIGHT Hubby. I guess I had my gin muscles going. I plead the fifth. I have no recollection.

2. Thanksgiving Day didn't pass by with out a few pre-dinner spills (I TOLD you that there's some sort of spillage in my house at least once a day!) Seems my Mom thought she turned the oven burner on for my mother-in-law's tea. Only she turned the wrong burner on, the burner which had the glass casserole dish filled with stuffing (my absolute favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, hands down). We realized it when the burner started to smoke. Mom quickly removed the hot casserole dish, put it down, and it instantly SHATTERED. Tiny pieces and shards of glass were everywhere, including in the stuffing. Hubby came up to see what all the commotion was (and to make himself yet another drink), and dropped the bag of ice all over the floor. So now we have GLASS and ICE all over my kitchen floor.

3. My in-laws arrived about mid-afternoon with Tom Turkey in tow. The turkey was supposed to be ready by 3:30 and dinner was scheduled at 4. Needless to say, we didn't end up eating until almost 6. I had a pretty bad headache (go figure) so I refrained from imbibing. Others in my family partook. Especially my Sis. She slurred her way through dinner, eyes half shut, glasses sliding down her nose, but did manage to be the moderator at the table for everyone's "What I'm Thankful For" speeches. She disappeared after dinner, only to be discovered passed out on the couch. My Youngest Brother (about to turn 22) eagerly saw it as an opportunity to decorate her face (with "K is a lush" on her cheek)and ankle (with the word "loser") with a Sharpie. Poor drunk Sis.

4. All week leading up to Thanksgiving, Eldest was so excited to have pumpkin pie. He talked about it A LOT. I was a little confused because I couldn't remember if he tried it and liked it last year or not and I was sort of wondering where he got it in his head that he even liked it. But I kept silent because he was so eager for dinner to be over so he could have his pumpkin pie. Mom cut him a pretty big slice with a scoop of whipped cream. He took a big spoonful, put it in his mouth (I was watching the entire time), and immediately made this disgusted, icky face and GAGGED. I brought him a napkin (holding in my laughter) and he spit the whole bite out, and started crying. It was too cute. Now we joke and tell him every chance we get that there is pumpkin pie for dessert and would he like some? Poor buddy.

5. Baby was sitting on my lap on Friday morning, reading a story. He reared his head back and head-butted me on my chin. It literally made a cracking noise. I thought he broke my chin bone. I cried. I now have a bruise on my face.

6. The girls did a little shopping (ok, a lot of shopping) on Black Friday, and the boyz went to see Happy Feet (except Baby-he stayed home with my Dad). It was Middle's first movie experience. Apparently, throughout the entire movie, Middle kept yelling out loud in the quiet theater, "Dad, where da penguins?!" (as he was seeing them on the huge screen.)

7. Friday night, my Mom let the boyz (and my Niece) decorate the Christmas cookies she brought. The kids were in their glory. Icing and sprinkles galore! I swear Middle licked every cookie he touched. (We prefer to think of it as a nice glaze....) For some strange reason, it was hard to get the boyz to bed that night. A little (more like HUGE) sugar high, maybe?

And then the family left on Saturday. On to Christmas!

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