Saturday, November 18, 2006

Squirmy Wormy

Remember a few years ago when that mother got in trouble for beating up her child when she was trying to get the child buckled in a carseat? I think it was in a Wal-Mart parking lot or something. I remember at the time seeing the videotape and being appalled at what I was you sense where this is going?? Yeah, now I kinda sympathize with that mother. I'm certainly not condoning what the videotape showed, but man, I can certainly see now how it could happen.

Baby is hating being buckled in the car. He can do this funky maneuver with his little body and make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to even get him (a) sitting upright and (b) harnessed into the seat. I literally have to climb all the way into the car, stand in front of him, shove my KNEE into his body so he doesn't slide and then use one of my arms to hold him back so that he doesn't twist all around, all at the same time trying to connect the upper latch, which at least makes him less twisty (this I can accomplish all with the one hand that's not holding him back) and then all that's left is the magnetic buckle (which I do need 2 hands for). Fun times all around. At this point, I'm usually in a full-on sweat. And I feel horrified thinking about people watching me in the parking lot. Because it probably does appear that I'm being very rough with the little guy. Which I guess I am. I prefer the term "forceful", thank you.

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