Monday, November 20, 2006


Today was a costly day:

1. I was driving home from Sis's house (killing time with the boyz in the a.m. and having them trash her house instead of mine) and turned around quickly to look at Baby and sideswiped (actually, sideswiped is so HARSH of a was more like nicked) a mailbox in my big Yukon XL Denali and shattered the passenger side mirror. Gulp.

2. Was heating up lunch in the microwave for myself and the microwave blew up (it sounded like a pop! noise) and quit working entirely. Busted. And we can't be without a microwave for like 10 seconds because I use it ALOT, especially with Thanksgiving this week, so that was more $$$ to be spent.

3. Had Hubby take Baby back to the Dr. today after work (on his way to buy a new microwave, actually) because I had a hunch that the double ear infection wasn't fully cleared up. Baby has been wicked cranky and miserable and still has a lingering head cold. So that was a $15 co-pay to inform us that Baby is indeed....teething. So when I think he's just teething, it's really something that requires antibiotics and then when I try to be extra viligant, it ends up being nothing. Ugh.

I need to just go to bed to get this day over with.

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