Monday, November 20, 2006

Like Father, Like Son(s)

Sunday was a good family day. Started off by going to church (for the first time in about 2 months...Eldest told my Sis the other day that we had "quit" church). Then spent the rest of the day at home with the boyz. It was the first time we all were home as a family in quite a while, so it was actually enjoyable. And I even managed to get a lot of cleaning done in preparation for Thanksgiving. But of course the day didn't pass without a few laughs:

Hubby always makes fun of me if my pants dip too low in the rear when I'm bending over (damn low rise!) and comments on my "plumber's crack". Yesterday, as I was scrubbing the kitchen floor (on my frigging hands and knees), Eldest looked over at me from his seat in the living room and said, "Hey look, the plumber's here." In a total deadpan voice. Little brat.

Our family name for poop is "skunk". (Is that a little too much information?) My Sis used that word when my niece was a baby, and we've just called it that ever since. So Middle always goes and hides in the playroom when he's doing a "skunk" in his diaper. Lately, Middle is always asking Hubby and I, "What you doin'?" when it's totally obvious what we're doing (i.e., reading the paper, doing dishes, etc.) so that now when he asks us (which is at least 10 times a day), we make up funny answers in response to his question. So last night at dinner, Middle excused himself from the table and went into the playroom and "assumed the position" (crouched down)so we knew he was doing a "skunk". Hubby called to him knowingly, "What are you doing?" and Middle's response (in between grunts), "I mowing the lawn Daddy."

And to complete Sunday night, we always let the boyz stay up and watch AFV at 7:00. Middle loves the segments that show people falling down and crashing. Last night, they did a whole winter montage of people skiing, sledding and crashing. After every crash, Middle piped up, "Oh, that's gonna leave a mark."

I can't make this stuff up. I officially have smartass boyz. I'm soooo psyched for them to be teenagers.

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