Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Bwoken!

Middle has a new quirk. He won't eat any BROKEN food. This morning alone, we went through 2 granola bars (one broke while I was getting it out of the package, and the next one he accidentally broke and then refused to eat), and then a Pop Tart (quiet on the (lack of) nutrition factor--I already know, thank you. I have no excuse. I just can't (ok, won't) be whipping up wholesome and nutritious feasts for the boyz that early in the morning before work...or at any other time, as a matter of fact.) So chaos ensued. He then spied a package of Chips Ahoy that he had his heart set on. After ignoring him standing at the pantry door screaming hysterically (which doesn't even remotely begin to describe the actual decible level of the emissions eminating from his vocal cords) while I went about preparing Eldest's (Cheerios) and Baby's (waffle) breakfasts, I then had to open the pantry door to get out the syrup. At which point Middle snaked his hand in there and grabbed the cookies. So in my haste to remove them from his grubby paws and put them up high on the pantry shelf, I shut his fingers in the door (accidentally, of course--why would I want even more hysteria at 7am???)

And that was my morning, folks. I'll spare you the details of Baby standing in his booster seat and then precariously hiking his body parts over the side trying to escape while "Rainman" Eldest begged for Halloween candy every 2 frigging seconds.

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