Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This will probably be my last post through the holiday weekend, because the Griswalds, ooops...I mean my family, is coming into town tonight and will be staying until Sunday. We are hosting a total of 13 tomorrow. It should be fun and not so stressful, as plenty of alcohol will be consumed to take the edge off both sets of parents (mine and Hubby's) intermingling for the day.

So on this Eve of Thanksgiving, I feel I should take a moment to recognize what and whom I'm thankful for in my life:

1. My 3 HEALTHY, rambunctious, loving little boyz. I love them more than words can describe and couldn't imagine my life without them.

2. My Hubby who manages to keep me grounded (although not always sane), and who seems to know me better than I know myself sometimes. He is an awesome father and I still get choked up hearing him interact with the boyz when he thinks I'm not listening.

3. My family, who is loving and sarcastic and FUN.

4. My in-laws, who help us out in many different ways, who love the boyz so intensely and get such a thrill out of them.

5. That my Sis has finally found love, which she sooooooo deserves, and will be sealing the deal on New Years Eve (and that I finally have something FUN to do to ring in the New Year!)

Happy Turkey Day!

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