Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

So I'm dieting yet again....Sis's wedding is New Year's Eve. I lack motivation because my dress didn't need altering--it fit perfectly everywhere except for the boobage. So the seamstress is sewing in cups so I can go braless. I asked her in all seriousness if the cups could also lift and enlarge. No luck there.

I managed to squeeze in 500 situps with 20-pound Baby sitting on top of me. That should count for something. And tomorrow I'm meeting with a personal trainer at the gym. I get 3 free sessions. I just need some direction. Such a great time to be trying this, huh? Right before the holidays--am I setting myself up for failure or what?! Ugh.

Was home today with the boyz. Here's what went down:

I love seeing my boyz in their jammies. Middle and Baby are both shaped like lollipops, with big heads and skinny bodies. The tight zippered one-piece pj's they wear make me want to just squeeze them. Especially with their padded diaper butts in back. Way too cute.

I went upstairs to quickly throw in some laundry this morning. When I came back down, Baby was nowhere to be found! Eldest was glued to the TV and Middle was playing quietly (yet suspiciously) in the playroom. After checking all the rooms, I casually asked Middle if he knew where Baby was. He replied "Down cellar". They were both playing in the finished basement, and Middle decided to come back up and left Baby down there alone and shut the door! Baby had no clue. He was too busy emptying the beer cans out of Hubby's mini fridge.

Eldest asked me today if he could play with his "remoter-retroll" car. This is one of our favorites. For the life of him, the kid cannot say "remote control"!

I seriously should have a chair in the waiting room with my name on it at my pediatrician's office. We were there again today. Middle has had a hacking cough for weeks now, and lately he's been saying his ear hurts. Granted, he's the one who is always saying that something hurts, especially right before bedtime. He's a master procrastinator. And he's also waking up a lot in the middle of the night...and SCREAMING. Reason #1 why he has his own room. So I figured the $15 co-pay would ease my mind. Yeah, there's not a thing wrong with the kid.
Diagnosis: ROTTEN!

After dinner, Hubby took Middle and Eldest to Target to buy some Christmas lights. I actually got to enjoy some one-on-one time with Baby. He was in his glory! All of Momma to himself! I sat in the playroom and played with the Little People farmhouse with him. He put the animals in and out of their stalls over and over and over and over again. I feel bad for him sometimes. He rarely plays with anything age appropriate. Most of the time he zooms Matchbox cars around, and he's only one year old! Any toys that are within his age range just seem too babyish for him. I guess that's what happens when you have two older brothers.

We ended tonight on a heartwarming note. Both Middle and Eldest got to stay up to watch Charlie Brown Christmas. Except we got smart and bought the DVD. It was airing tonight at 8:00 for AN HOUR. The DVD version, without commercials? 25 minutes! That's what I'm talkin' about!

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