Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Not sure who sings that, but I know it's a song.

So....Hubby and I trudged in the door last night at 11:30pm from our fabulous 4 day, 3 night getaway. I got to experience how the other 1% of the population lives. 17 miles from civilization, we were ensconced at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. I think the average age of a member there was at least 85. The place had 3 golf courses. $200 for a round of golf. Gulp. The breakfast buffet was $30. For breakfast! I'm talking $30 for EGGS, people! Hubby and his boss were "loaned" shirts by the dining room staff for their $30 breakfasts because they had neglected to wear collared shirts. Cell phones in the restaurants were strictly prohibited, and this rule was enforced by a polite, yet insistent shoulder tap by one of the waitstaff.

The boats (I mean yachts) docked in the marinas were fantastic. Millions upon millions of dollars worth. Some of the golf carts (the main form of transportation around the grounds) were hilarious. We, of course, had the generic, yet still $40 a day, rentals. Members of the club, on the other hand, were cruising around in their FERRARI golf carts. I'm serious. Ok, that's when you know someone has gotten to the point where they just have wayyyyyyy too much money to spend, so they're spending it on a frickin golf cart?

I seriously thought about pulling an Anna Nicole Smith 0n this trip and finding an 85 year old to be my Sugar Daddy. Except I'm not blonde, big-boobed, slurring or heavily medicated.

So, the boyz survived (and thrived) without us. And today at home was a good day. And I'm hoping my tan lasts longer than a day here in this cruddy, rainy weather.


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