Monday, October 16, 2006

Wishing My Life Away

See above title. I gotta stop doing this. I'm always thinking about the future. Like not having to change diapers, not having any cribs (notice the plural) in the house anymore, not having to buckle any little bodies into carseats (again, plural), having more time for myself, etc. In exactly two years, when Eldest is in first grade, all 3 boyz will be in school. I sometimes find myself counting down to this momentous day.

But as I was putting in my contacts this morning, Hubby walked into the bedroom with a child in his arms. In the haze of my vision-impairedness, I squinted and thought it was Middle. I was wrong. It was Baby. Who is no longer looking (or acting) quite so much like a baby these days. I suddenly realized that my days of Baby Bjorns and Exersaucers are gone for good. And I got a little choked up. Scary.

I do have to say though, this is honestly the first New England autumn that I have NOT dreaded since we moved back from the south 7 years ago. I'm actually finding myself enjoying the vibrant colors of the leaves, the crisp smell in the air, the cozy warmth of fleece, the joy on the boyz faces as they crunch and wallow and burrow in the leaf piles we've raked.

I need to start enjoying more of my todays rather than wishing for tomorrow.

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