Friday, October 27, 2006


I just figured out how to add pictures to this blog! Yeah, I know, welcome to the 21st century... I'm wrestling with whether or not to post pics of the boyz. The whole privacy thing, you know...So I decided to just add my pic to my profile, as I sit here at the computer, with Hubby in the next room. Shh....I'm "supposed" to be searching the internet for Red Sox wallpaper border.

We have to get moving on the whole bedroom "switcharoo". The joys of living in a 3 bedroom home with 3 young boyz. [SIDEBAR: Don't get me wrong, I love our typical New England colonial house. But why, oh why, does the master bedroom take up the entire backside of the house? How much time do you (meaning we) actually spend in a bedroom??? Not much! I would easily cut my ridiculously large and inefficient bedroom in half in order to have 4 bedrooms and not have to deal with bedroom-sharing woes.] Right now, Eldest and Baby share a room. Eldest is in the bottom bunk and Baby is in a crib. Middle is in his own (bigger) room in a crib. But now that he's climbing out, it seems that drastic measures are called for. Measures made more complicated by the fact that Eldest REFUSES to sleep in the top bunk. So why did we even buy frigging bunk beds?? Who knew that Eldest at the tender age of 5 would develop an irrational fear of top bunk sleeping? He literally SHOOK with fear and started hysterically crying the ONE time I MADE him get up there (ok, threw him up there to see how he would react).

So the big plan is to re-carpet (replacing the original, yet oh so lovely, aquamarine carpeting) what is now Middle's room and then move Eldest in there with him in the bunk beds that will no longer be bunked, but will be 2 twin beds. And Baby will stay in the room he is in now, but alone. So along with carpeting the bedroom, we also need to paint and decorate, as that bedroom was the original nursery room and is decorated in very neutral shades with a babyish wallpaper border.

Again today, I avoided the topic of crib-climbing-out-of with Middle. He joyfully skipped his nap this afternoon in order to see Eldest march in his Fall Parade and then tonight went to bed without a fuss. So we're taking it day by day here in the trenches!

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