Monday, October 30, 2006


Took Baby to the doctor this morning. Double ear infection. I felt vindicated. How bad is it that I was GLAD he had an actual malady that could be remedied with an antibiotic?? And all this time, I was worried that he was merely suffering from rotten personality disorder....

My poor Baby! All the boyz have had the typical New England falltime coughs and colds. It started with Middle about mid-October, then both Eldest and Baby caught it. The other two got better after less than a week. Baby didn't. He's had a cruddy nose, cough and miserable demeanor for about 2 weeks. But no fever, eating normally, and sleeping pretty much normally, with just a few more nighttime interruptions than usual. (Remember, I blame everything on teething, and the poor little buddy only has 6 damn teeth so far. So he's still got a long ways to go.) My "mother instinct" kicked in yesterday (ok, so it was a wee bit later than I would like to admit) when I caught Baby tugging on his ear once and then awaking in the middle of the night crying.

So I called the Dr. bright and early this morning. So early, in fact, that when they asked if I could come in immediately, no one in the household was dressed except for Baby. Meaning I had to scurry around, chase Middle and get him dressed, hurry Eldest along in the midst of a SpongeBob episode (yes, gulp, I let him watch it) and throw some clothes on myself. I did manage to leave the house wearing a bra, but didn't brush my teeth (sorry, maybe a little too much info there). So it is his first ear infection, at 16 months old. And hopefully the antibiotic, along with curing the infection, will also cure the tantrum-throwing, whining, clinging, and disobeying that has seemed to take over my sweet Baby boy. A Mommy can dream, can't she??

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