Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Something to Look Forward To

So I just confessed in my last blog that I constantly look toward the future instead of enjoying the present. Along that same line of thought, I LOVE having an occasion to look forward to, whether it be a simple date night with Hubby (because those only come along once in a blue moon!), a girls night out, a weekend gathering of friends or family, or anything else that is happening that breaks up the monotony of the days going by...work and/or home, cleaning, meals, bathtime, TV, bed, repeat, repeat, repeat. As I also mentioned previously, I think I enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming event even more than the actual event. It's what keeps me going.....
In less than 4 weeks, I'm going to Florida! Hubby has his annual work conference. This year it's in Key Largo at a resort. Hello? Sign me up. So we decided that that would be my Christmas present. My parents are coming from NY to watch the boyz for the 4 FULL DAYS that I'm gone (bless their souls).
It makes me smile everytime I open my closet doors and see all my summer apparel still hanging in my closet...I can't pack them up yet, as I have this Florida trip ahead of me. Ahhhh.....

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