Thursday, October 12, 2006

(Out of) Control

I feel like a bad mommy (ugh, again, the guilt!) for saying it, but I HATE coming home from work at night. Let me just set the scene:

1. If I don't pee before I leave work, I'm unable to relieve my bladder until at LEAST a half hour after I walk in the door...I know this for a fact.

2. I rarely get to change out of my work clothes until it's the boyz bathtime. Last night I was wearing gobs of applesauce on my black work pants.

3. The kids are whiny, hungry, and all 3 are (understandably) vying for attention from Mommy and Daddy who haven't been home all day.

4. Dinner is a mad dash of whipping up a meal of (somewhat) nutritious proportions, usually homemade pizza (Tues), hot dogs (last night--they're nutritious, right?), a chicken dish (tonight) or the old standby, pasta.

5. Hubby and I take turns doing dishes while the other one plays in the playroom with the boyz. I usually opt for the dishes, because by this time I have a whopping headache* from the yelling (me), crying (Baby), whining (Eldest) and shrieking (Middle's new habit--we're trying to teach him to use his "indoor voice"'s not working). But Baby is usually hanging onto my leg the entire time I'm cleaning up.

*Strangely enough, a large glass of wine helps.

6. Cleanup time at 6:30 usually consists of Hubby and I crawling around on our hands and knees (still in our work clothes, mind you) trying to pick up all the toys while the 3 boyz hinder our progress. By this time all 3 have managed to unclothe themselves (or each other) and are running around naked.

7. Bathtime entails herding all 3 naked bodies up the stairs and managing to get them in the tub. (Eldest showers on his own occasionally, but only if we make him.) There's usually splashing (each other) and fighting (over toys) going on the entire time.*

*Another large glass of wine makes this tolerable.

8. Pajama time. Eldest gets dressed on his own, Middle cries every night about his pj's--he only wants to wear his new Thomas the Train flannels, but they're usually sticky with morning waffle syrup and in the wash, and Baby kicks and flails and squiggles and wiggles the entire time he's being dressed.

9. Downstairs for Baby and Middle with Hubby, storytime for Eldest with me. Hop On Pop is the latest favorite. We read it every night.

10. By this time, it's after 7pm and I literally count down the minutes* until Middle and Baby go to bed (by 7:45pm at the latest).

*Wine makes the time seem to go faster.

So, you see, I prefer the 5pm to bedtime routine on the days that I have been home with the boyz for the entire day. I feel like I have more of a handle on them and the household. I know exactly how long they've napped, what they've eaten all day and what kind of day in general it has been for each of them. By the time Hubby gets home from work, dinner is already in the works and the house is more of a controlled chaos. And I'm in control.*

*I manage to be wine-free on these days.


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