Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ode to Eldest

You woke up this morning and remarked "Being five doesn't feel any different, Mommy!"
You also remarked, "I'm not really five until I blow out my candles", giving Mommy an "oh shit" moment because we weren't planning on doing your cake until your party on we have a Carvel ice cream cake for tonight--the Mother Guilt kicked in.
You are very protective of your little brothers in public.
You are typically bossy and unyielding to your little brothers in private.
You are very wise and sensitive.
You are obsessed with collecting baseball cards.
You know the names of all the Red Sox players, their numbers and all their stats.
Your favorite book at the moment is Hop On Pop because you are learning to read.
You have a scary photographic memory. Mommy and Daddy have to try their HARDEST to beat you at memory games.
You have memorized Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and can read the entire book using the correct inflection in your voice.
You love to snuggle.
You still sleep with your blue blanket that has satin trim and a "broken" (ripped) corner.
You already have two cavities--more Mommy Guilt.
Your favorite candy is Starburst.
Your favorite movie is Cars. You can't wait for it to come out on DVD.
You are scared to try anything new, because you don't like not being able to do something on the first try.
That's why you still can't ride a two-wheeler.
You also have your Mommy's lack of patience.
Your Daddy calls you "uncoachable".
You love listening to my iPod and sometimes I even catch you singing.
You're shy about singing and dancing.
You pick your nose and eat your boogers and don't care who's watching when you do.
You say boogers "taste like chicken"--because we ask you over and over again why you do it.
You have seasonal allergies in the spring and fall.
You've only had one ear infection in five years.
You look more and more like your Daddy everyday.
You don't like ketchup or any other kinds of condiments or dips.
You love pasta or rice with Mexican shredded cheese melted on top.
You insist on having the bedroom door open and the bathroom light on when you go to bed.
You usually fall asleep at night within 5 minutes. (Mommy checks.)
You were my first, you are still my biggest baby boy, you are my Eldest.

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