Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monkey Mania

Crap. It happened. Hubby and I have been collectively holding our breath for months now, hoping that we could bide our time for a few more months. But no longer....Middle is climbing out of his crib. It was inevitable. He is totally part monkey, right down to his hairy back. I have videotape of him SCALING the back of the living room chair when he was just over one year old.

Mr. Monkey has now climbed out of his crib two days in a row, at naptime, when both my Sis and Grandma were babysitting. My Sis informed me of this latest development on Wednesday. She had put Middle in his crib for a time-out (he was being unnecessarily mean to Baby and "acting like a psycho"--her words) and when she went back up to check on him, he was happily playing on the floor with some toys. She had to do a double-take because she THOUGHT she had put him in his crib! She asked him to show her how he got out. So he showed her.

Then today, same thing. Grandma put him in his crib (for a nap, not a time-out. Grandma who spoils them rotten would NEVER even think to issue any punishment for any type of behavior from the boyz, even if it's bordering on criminal) and he once again climbed out. And then proceeded to show her how he did it.

Hubby and I have altogether avoided the topic thus far with Middle. And so far, both nights he's gone to bed without a fuss and has remained in his crib. How long will this bedtime harmony last? Who knows. But this I do know--I'm not going to abolish his naptime so quickly--he's not even 2-1/2 yet! He WILL nap until he's 3, dammit! Even more so than the fact that he needs to nap, I need him to nap!

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