Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Last Day

It's so funny to hear children speak. The English language is hard to learn with all of its past, present and future tenses (Ok, I'm pulling this out of my ass--10th grade English was soooo many moons ago...)

Anyway, Middle's new favorite saying is "last day". Sometimes he's referring to "yesterday" when he says this, as in "We went to the grocery store last day" (Yes, Middle, we went to the grocery store yesterday and you threw a huge fit in the fruit snack aisle because Nemo snacks weren't on sale and your mean Mommy bought you the Scooby Doo ones that were on sale....nevermind the fact that Mommy has already been scolded by the dentist for buying you boyz this poison that sticks in your teeth and rots them....but does the dentist have any clue that all 3 of you can be bribed so easily with the lure of the forbidden fruit snack?? Mommy has to use what works, Mr. Dentist. Yes, I realize I'll be paying for the orthodontia for many years to come.)

But then tonight Middle said "I had a 'nola bah (granola bar) last day", when in fact, I know he had one TODAY.

So to him, "last day" is anything that happened in the past, whether it was 2 weeks, 2 days, or 2 minutes ago.

Hubby and I were a couple of crazy 20-somethings falling in love in Charlotte, North Carolina.....last day. And look at us now today!

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