Friday, October 06, 2006

Just Another Day in the Trenches

I was home all day yesterday. We've had a touch of fever, diarrhea, and head cold going through the boyz, so I was determined that while I was home and in charge, that I would be strict about diet and germs. First, Middle has had a touchy stomach for almost a week now, so it was the BRAT diet for him (bananas, rice, apples, toast, or something like that) and NO fruit juice--just grape Pedialyte. Second, Baby started a fever and head cold earlier this week (teething? I blame teething for everything, until all 20 teeth are in), so I was determined to keep him dosed with Tylenol to keep him comfortable (meaning not whiny, clingy and miserable). So I had good intentions. And was actually successful in my efforts until those boyz outwitted me!

Eldest wanted to go for a bike ride. It was a picture-perfect fall day in New England, which is saying a lot for someone who HATES fall, because it reminds me that winter is just around the corner. So I packed the younger two in the wagon with Ritz crackers (shaped like dinosaurs) and their sippy cups--the same ones they had been drinking out of all day with me watching like a hawk to make sure they didn't TOUCH each other's--watered down apple juice for Baby and Pedialyte for Middle. And off we went for a walk. By the time I got to the corner of our street and looked behind me to make sure no limbs were dangling out of the wagon (Baby thrives on making daredevil attempts to fling himself out of the wagon when it's in motion unless he's plied with the above-mentioned juice and crackers), what did I notice? THEY HAD SWITCHED SIPPY CUPS and were both drinking excitedly, like a couple of 21 year olds on their birthdays. Ugh. I give up.

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