Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Snore?

Apparently I snore. Loudly and ALOT. Let me just set the scene...

Had a dentist appointment last night at 7:30. Was about to put on my pj's when I realized this, so had to quick get (re)dressed, read a bedtime story to Eldest and scoot out the door. Before I left though, I managed to give Baby a dose of infant Tylenol (I am not above drugging my children) in the hopes of having a restful night. (I scurried out the door with both Middle and Baby crying in my wake and must admit, felt a little satisfaction that Hubby would be left to deal with them. I'm so bad.)

Walked back in the door after the appointment (look Ma, no cavities!), keeping my fingers crossed that everyone would be in bed (they were) and Hubby casually mentioned that he gave both Middle AND Baby medicine (he's not above drugging them either)....whoops. Baby got double-dosed. And it's not like he's big (or even normal-sized, for that matter) for his age either. He had his 15 mo. checkup this week and weighed in at a whopping 19lb, 14oz. (5th percentile). So for the rest of the night while we were awake Hubby and I both casually slipped into Baby's room to make sure he wasn't in a drug-induced coma (he wasn't).

Fast forward to 1:15am. I wake up to Eldest staring at me from the side of my bed, saying his throat hurt and he wanted some medicine (ok, so I've turned my kids into little druggies). Upon returning to bed, I recalled a vague memory of Hubby whisper-yelling at me earlier in the night...something about him not being able to sleep and me...gasp....snoring?! When I asked him about it, he crabbed back, "I don't want to discuss it. I've only been asleep for 45 minutes."

So this morning, after my shower, I confronted Hubby:

ME: "What was the deal with last night?"

HUBBY: "You snore like a truck driver. It's getting worse and worse. You fall asleep within seconds and it immediately starts. As a matter of fact, my foot hurts because I kicked you at least 6 times last night."

ME: (Secretly thinking, "Ha ha, you must kick like a wuss because I certainly didn't feel anything....") "That's karma for you. Remember all those times I've complained about your snoring? And the reason I fall asleep so quickly is an indication of how TIRED I am lately. And you're giving me a complex. First it was my breath (he thinks it's cute when he calls me "Hallie"--as in halitosis--so I continually chew gum and pop breath mints because I'm paranoid of offending someone) and now it's my snoring?"

HUBBY: "Yeah, think of how I feel when you have bad breath AND you snore...."

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