Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Again

Home again, home again, jiggle-dee jig...(I always sing that to my boyz when we're pulling in the driveway.) Anyways, Mommy is back from her little getaway. Refreshed, renewed and re-energized for the days and weeks to come (hopefully!) Hubby managed to get along without me just fine. Of course, Eldest started running a high fever on Friday night (to be expected when Mommy goes away--I can't go away without some sense of Mother Guilt) but ended up being fine enough for school today. Middle had diarrhea the entire time I was gone and Baby Boy was his normal troublesome self for Hubby (you go Baby!) But upon my arrival tonight, dinner was served (chicken in the crock pot!), the house was clean (somewhat) and everyone was in good spirits--including Hubby! (possibly just glad that I really came back???)

And ahhh...the Getaway....a MUST for all Mommies. 6 of us went--15 children between us. Needless to say, it took a day or more for us to completely just unwind and CHILL OUT (the copious amounts of alcohol consumed helped matters as well). It was a perfect getaway of:
1. Laughing
2. Shopping
3. Eating
4. Drinking
5. Sunbathing
6. Reading
7. Swimming
8. Hot-tubbing

I don't mean to sound like Dorothy, but "there's no place like home". It's good to be back. And it was even better to be missed.

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