Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Finally Some Halloween Luck!

I always have bad luck when it comes to finding things that I'm (desperately) looking for. Thus, I dread Halloween...specifically, finding damn costumes! So this year my plan was to gyp the boyz (they have no clue anyways--I just need to ignore the Mommy Guilt), and have them wear costumes from previous years. Thus, Baby is being Elmo (Middle's costume from last year)--although that's a stretch because so far Baby won't come anywhere near letting me put the costume actually ON his body....Middle is being Thomas the Train (Eldest's costume from last year--a perfect costume for Middle this year because he is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train, more so than Eldest ever was) and getting gypped most of all....Eldest, who was (notice the past tense) going to be Peter Pan, his costume from 2 Halloweens ago (a size 3T costume, mind you, for the 5yr old. But it still fits him! Sorta.)

So in the midst of pulling out the Halloween bin for the twentieth time this month and letting the kids try on all the costumes (anything to kill a few minutes before Hubby gets home), Eldest casually remarked to me on Monday (very politely, mind you), "I don't think I want to be Peter Pan again. I think I'd like to be Captain Hook this year." Are you kidding me???

So yes, the Mommy Guilt that I'd been trying desperately to ignore kicked into full gear, and I skipped my lunchtime spin class yesterday at the gym (any excuse will do for me to skip working out. A hangnail? Nope, can't work out today.) and headed out in search of a pirate costume (not even necessarily caring if it was specifically Captain Hook). Target only had Pirates of the Caribbean. Good to know in case that had to be my last resort. Off to the Mall. Destination: The Disney Store. The whole way there vowing to myself that I wouldn't spend an obscene amount of money on a stinking costume.

The end result? An authentic Disney Captain Hook costume (appropriately sized), along with the sword and hook, all for the low, low price of $25! The costume was 1/2 off and the sword and hook were only $5!

I showed Eldest the new costume this morning, all proud of myself and expecting him to show (at least some amount of) enthusiasm...Nada, nothing, zip. He seemed to like the sword and hook and wanted to take them out of their package so he could zing them around a few times. As for the frigging $40 (okay, $20, but I'm trying to make a point here) costume, he didn't even want to take it off the hanger.

This is the thanks I get?

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