Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight Savings

Was today not the longest day EVER??? Before I had children, daylight savings was no big deal. It was an extra hour of! Now, it does nothing but cause stress and aggravation. And WHAT extra hour of sleep?

This was my day:

Boyz were up at 6:15 am (instead of what would have been an acceptable 7:15)--Hubby actually got up with them. [We took them to a Halloween party last night at the high school, so CANDY was on Eldest's mind from the moment his feet hit the floor this morning (one of our (many) nicknames for him is "Rainman" if that gives you any indication of how repetitive he is when he has something specific on his mind). Anyway, we had to set some CANDY RULES: one piece of candy after breakfast, one piece after lunch and one piece after dinner. Candy is a great form of bribery for my three (yes, 16 mo. old Baby actually knows what candy is and wants it just as much as his older brothers). And I figure that the sooner the candy is gone, the better.]

So all 3 had their first piece of candy at 7:30am. (I rationalized it by thinking that hey, it would've been 8:30am yesterday...)

By 8:55 am, the 4 of us were bundled up to go for a walk outdoors. Hubby started painting our upstairs hallway today (Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray, in case anyone is interested). So he painted from 8am-5pm today.

By 10am, I was looking at the clock, not even believing that it wasn't frigging noon yet.

Eldest and Middle watched their Peter Pan video twice. Noggin was on the other TV all day.

Baby took one huge mid-day nap. Middle had no nap because I knew he would climb out of the crib if I tried. It was just one of those days. I put him in time-out in his crib this morning (he shoved Baby into the coffee table and got caught in the act) and before I had even GOTTEN ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS, he was banging at the bedroom door. Hubby and I just looked at each other and said at the same time, "Wow, that was quick." My Sis likened his crib-climbing to more like a squirrel rather than a monkey. She said he "scampers" over the side of the rail. Great.

But back to the candy. As I said, GREAT form of great, in fact, that Middle did his first ever POOP IN THE POTTY!!! Just so he could get another treat. I have no shame, I'll use whatever works on the kid. I'm that sick of changing diapers.

And to top it all off, tonight is their favorite TV night. AFV is on! But it was a Halloween episode and Middle got "squared"(exactly how he pronounces "scared"). He said it was "too squarey" so we had to turn the channel. I fully expect him to wake up having a nightmare tonight.

Fun times.


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