Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sweat Much?

Last night I went to yoga with a friend who goes regularly. I had only taken one yoga class ever in my life, and that was way before I became a mommy, and actually felt comfortable wearing tight, skimpy "yoga gear". So not only was this my second yoga class ever, but it was called "Flow Yoga", a combination of different types of yoga, IN A ROOM HEATED TO 85-90 DEGREES. The theory is that "heat encourages perspiration" (oh, really?) "which helps to detoxify and cleanse the body." My friend had already given me the rundown beforehand: that I needed to wear tight fitting clothing, that it may stink (odor-wise, I mean), that some of the people were heavy breathers, and that they did a "little chanting" to start the class.

I wondered if it was a bad sign that I immediately began sweating upon entering the building, before I had even gotten into the studio itself...

But all in all, the class was really good. I did have a few moments of wanting to burst out laughing, but I refrained. There was a woman in there who breathed and sighed so loud she sounded like she was having an orgasm and there was another woman who had a funky baby toe that I couldn't stop staring at. But the best part? It was an entire hour and a half to focus only on myself. And I was home just in time to watch Dancing with the Stars!


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