Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Purse Fetish

I seem to have this knack for finding (and desiring) expensive purses. Tonight, after Sweat Yoga, I swung by TJMaxx (which my own Mom lovingly calls "TJ's" like it's her buddy) to look at their bags. I thought I wanted something new and fun to carry on the plane with me for my upcoming Girls Weekend (a/k/a 6 Mommies Taking a Break from Their 15 Kids and Leaving Them Home with the Daddies....gulp). [Sidebar: I also had an ulterior motive. Sweat Yoga started a 1/2 hour earlier this week, thus ending in time for me to possibly be home BEFORE bedtime.....ummmm, no thanks.] Anyway, it seemed like every single purse/bag/clutch/duffel, etc. that I put my paws on was some obscure designer brand satchel that cost over $100...at TJMaxx! So at least I know I have good taste, right?

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