Monday, September 18, 2006

Diet Day One

Less than 2 weeks until I head to Myrtle Beach with the girls. Thus, the crash dieting begins yet again. Counting calories. So far so good. Only have had 18 pretzels (yes, I counted them) for a total of 120 calories.
I HATE dieting. I know, I shouldn't be a "DIET", it should be a way of life....well, with 3 kids, it's hard to NOT eat chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, hot dogs, etc. Most of my food intake comes in the form of leftovers from the childrens' plates. Yummy, huh? It's not like I actually get a chance to 1)prepare something for myself without 1,000 interruptions 2)sit 3)eat anything at its proper temperature (see #1).
Only 2 hours until lunch!

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