Thursday, September 28, 2006


An-tic-i-pay-ay-ay-shun is making me glad....who sings that song? Carly Simon? Anyway, in about 10 hours (nah, I'm HARDLY counting down....) I'll be getting ready to head south for a weekend of no boyz, no Hubby, and a little R&R with the girls! I'm sooooooo psyched. I've managed to make it through this week with a sense of peace and calm...just knowing that I will be leaving on Friday has helped me to tolerate pretty much everything--backtalk, crying, snotty noses (notice the plural form), poopy diapers (again, VERY plural), temper tantrums, messy spills, you name it. [Sidebar: Hubby is like most men and is unable to multi-task. Therefore, when I return on Monday, I am fully prepared for the children to have been well taken care of, but my house will be in total disarray. He CANNOT do both. This much I know.]

I need to somehow bottle this feeling of excited anticipation--If only I could keep this mentality when I don't have anywhere to go!!!

P.S. My mommy rant for the day: Why have so many people asked me if Hubby is going to be "babysitting" the boyz while I'm gone??? It's called PARENTING, people!!! Yes, he'll be PARENTING them.

Back on Monday.


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